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Dallas To Provide "The Sexy Backdrop" For Bravo's New Swingingly Single Socialites Show

At this very moment, Bravo bigwigs are gathering in New York to announce the network's latest lineup of reality programs, which will include The Therapists ("Centered on some of the top private practices in Los Angeles ..."), Mad Fashion ("presents an up-close look at the over-the-top world of celebrity fashion designer Chris March") and Miss Advised (" ... follows three single relationship experts -- all of whom make a living dispensing advice -- on and off the job ..."). All of which sound like parodies of reality shows. Which is so Bravo. But the only one with which we need concern ourselves (for now) is Most Eligible: Dallas, described thusly:

They're young, they're hot, they're single -- they're Dallas' Most Eligible. From beauty queens to pro-football players, this group of Texas socialites puts NY and LA nightlife to shame. It's true what they say, everything's bigger in Texas -- including the drama especially when it comes to dating. Some are looking for true love while others have perfected the art of the one-night stand, and somehow their love lives have all crossed paths at one time or another. Dallas serves as the sexy backdrop for this jaw-dropping docu-series that follows a group of successful friends living it up like only Texas socialites can.
A long-ago Observer-er has a close-up of the cast. From the same production company that brought you Hogan Knows Best, I Want A Famous Face and Miami Social. Good luck with all that.

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