Dallas Weather: Today We Shall Be Smote for Our Iniquities

This afternoon, it comes. The storm that will wash away the unfaithful and vindicate doomsday prophet Jim Schutze is slated to hit Dallas, bringing with it a torrent of water, hail, wind and tweets about Pete Delkus' rolled up sleeves.

"We'll have what looks like a line of thunderstorms develop to the west of the Metroplex, which will then move through the Metroplex during the evening and overnight hours with the potential to bring damaging winds, large hail and maybe a few tornadoes all across North Texas," Jennifer Dunn, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth says.

Dallas' greatest risk from the weather system will come from individual storms that could pop up ahead of the squall line that will swing through Tuesday night, Dunn says, so in addition to Jerry Jones' inevitably botching the Cowboys' highest draft pick in more than a decade on Thursday, we've got that to look forward to.
"If we get individual storms ahead of the line or an individual storm that moves through the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with that type of storm there would probably be an increased tornado threat which of course would be life threatening and a very dangerous situation," Dunn says. "Those type of storms could also produce the larger-sized hail."

In what is surely wishful thinking, Dunn says that Dallas will probably not be hit by anything like the softball-sized hail that hit Wylie earlier this month. Dallas will likely only face golf ball-sized hail, she says, so the dings inevitably taken on by all of our cars will at least be much smaller.

If we happen to survive the nearly unsurvivable midweek, Dallas will be faced with more biblically tinged weather this weekend.

"The storms over this coming weekend, we're still refining a lot of the details with the weekend system since it's a few days out, but there will be another potential for severe storms and possibly even heavy rain that may result in additional flooding," Dunn says.
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