Dallas Woman "Excited" About Star Turn in HBO Doc About Staying Forever Young

Mitch McCabe's documentary Youth Knows No Pain, set to premiere on HBO August 31 after making a few fest-circuit stopovers, has already played New York and, two weeks ago, CineVegas. Directed by the daughter of a plastic surgeon, the film "subjects America's anti-aging obsession to an intimate, often unflattering closeup," according to the Variety review, which also points our direction toward the reason this merits mention on Unfair Park.

Turns out the more-or-less-star of the doc is 55-year-old Sherry Mecom of Dallas, who accompanied the film to Vegas and whose Twitter account suggests she's anticipating household-namedom following its release; wrote Mecom only yesterday, she's "relaxing, getting all excited about about my future:)." And how did the self-proclaimed "Multi Talented Dallas Girl" merit a starring role in McCabe's doc? According to the film's Facebook page, which refers to Mecom as a "New Dallas Docu-Starlette," McCabe discovered her "through Craigslist on a 2006 road trip." Writes Justin Chang in Variety:

McCabe never condescends to subjects like fiftysomething Dallas resident Sherry Mecom, a warm, friendly, rather spacey woman who has no problem speaking openly about her recent cosmetic enhancements or baring her new and "beautifully formed" breasts (per her adoring husband) for the camera.  Of the many women and few men McCabe meets (she began interviews in 2002) -- most of whom are oncamera for only a few minutes, offering their views on the fear of aging and the importance of looking youthful and attractive -- Mecom gets the most screen time and leaves the strongest impression.

After the jump you'll find the trailer for Youth Knows No Pain, in which you'll see plenty of Mecom -- though not as much as you'll apparently see of her in the film.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.