Dallas, You Stink!

But not as much as Phoenix and Las Vegas. Still, them scientists (rather, surely, than those marketing pimps) over at Old Spice today released a list of the sweatiest cities in the U.S., and Dallas comes in third -- ahead of San Antonio (No. 5) Waco (No. 6), Austin (No. 8) and Corpus Christi (No. 10). Indeed, Texas has half the Top 10 -- but if there's no Houston in there, the whole friggin' thing is bogus.

Apparently, cities were ranked according to average high temps in the summertime and how humid a town gets. (Dallas is also in the Top 10 when it comes to "uncomfortable cities," which could explain the election of Tom Leppert as mayor, come to think of it.) Best bit from the press release: the doc who says that "as temperatures rise, people become overheated and start to sweat." That dude is a genius. --Robert Wilonsky


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