Dallas, You're Full of (Road) Rage

So says the fourth annual In the Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey, commissioned by AutoVantage and released this morning. After having not even made the '08 list, Dallas-Fort Worth zooms into the No. 2 spot on the list of Least Courteous Cities, behind only New York City and ahead of Detroit, Atlanta and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

The survey was done via phone interviews with folks living in 25 major U.S. cities. And among the ya-think things that piss 'em off: others drivers talking on their cells, tailgating, driving too fast and eating or texting whilst behind the wheel.

Update: Also out today is Allstate Corporation's survey of Texas teen drivers -- 52 percent of whom say they've driven after drinking alcohol (or with a driver who'd had a pop). And "88% say they text message or talk on their cell phones while driving."

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