Dallasites Looking for Big Love

Maybe you can help out a local couple -- if, ya know, you're into polygamy or just dig Big Love and wanna give it a shot. In Canadian newsweekly Macleans this week there's a piece on the pros and cons of the polygamous lifestyle, and way down in the story we come across this bit of info:

Pro-polygamy websites offer windows into sunnier views of polygamous life. is a matchmaking site where the advertisements are curiously chaste, considering the subject matter. John and Becky, a business consultant and bookkeeper from Dallas, are looking for a wife to bring children into the family. "We attend church regularly and I sing in the choir," Becky writes. Another couple in their 50s, a teacher and a nurse from an unnamed location, are also looking for a fertile wife. "We follow the word of God," they say. "Christian plural marriage is not fornication or other fleshly foolishness."
So if you're looking to put the holy wow into someone else's vows, here's John and Becky's ad, which contains this bit of info: "John and I both turn 50 (though people say we look 10-15 years younger) and we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, our love has not resulted in children, due to a medical condition of mine." Hence, the need for another missus. And you thought the Dallas Observer had done away with personal ads. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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