Dallas's HKS Has a Nice Stadium For Liverpool FC That Tom Hicks Still Ain't Ready to Build

I've been trying for some time to talk to Tom Hicks about livin' it up in Liverpool, where every day it's something: Liverpool FC sales talks with the Kuwatis "going really badly," the re-signing of manager Rafael Benitez, the declaring of a cease-fire with partner and frienemy George Gillett. Today, yet another flashback among the stacks -- to the long-delayed stadium at Anfield, which the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars owner has been insisting is on its way sooner than later since forever in order for The Reds can keep pace with their Premier League rivals.

Dallas-based HKS Architects -- the folks behind Jerry Jones's Arlington EnormoDome, the American Airlines Center and Lone Star Park -- was supposed to have the 60,000-seater up and running by the 2011-'12 season. Reminds the Liverpool Daily Post only this morning, "When Hicks and George Gillett bought the club two years ago, they promised to have a spade in the ground within 60 days." Then, the stadium was supposed to open for the 2012-'13 season. Then, even later. Now? Dunno so don't ask, says Hicks, citing credit market woes as the reason for the put-off. But he has it under control: "We're going to build that sucker," says the man whose "dreadful custodianship" led to the creation of a "supporters union" with the word "shank" in it.

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