Darrell Jordan Says Cotton Bowl's Moving Because of City's "Failure of Leadership and Vision"

Darrell Jordan, one of many who would be mayor, wants to chime in on the Cotton Bowl moving to Arlington. And since Jordan's probably the only candidate with intimate knowledge of the Fair Park stadium -- he wanted to dome the damn thing, which wasn't a totally dumb idea -- well, we will let him say his piece. After all, if Zac Crain can talk about the crumbling facade with which he's familiar on Unfair Park, no reason not to let D.J. offer his two cents about the stadium worth half that after today. It's after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

"Today's announcement that the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic game will be leaving Fair Park for the new Cowboys' stadium in Arlington is very disappointing to me. As chair of the Cotton Bowl Dome Foundation from 1995 through 1998, I invested a great deal of time and energy in the effort to protect the legacy of the Cotton Bowl stadium and to ensure its viability both as an athletic venue and as a core asset of the City of Dallas.

Had the Foundation been allowed to succeed in its goal of adding a roof and making other significant improvements to the Cotton Bowl, it is very likely that the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic would have remained in Fair Park. Today's decision is the direct result of a failure of leadership and vision in Dallas city government. The chief aim of my campaign is to bring these qualities back to Dallas City Hall.

Despite today's announcement, the Cotton Bowl stadium still has the opportunity for a bright future. It is crucial to that future that the annual games involving the University of Texas and Oklahoma University as well as Grambling University and Prairie View A&M University be continued and that every effort be made to meet the needs of the participants in those events. I am aware that efforts are underway to bring additional football games to the Cotton Bowl each fall, and as mayor I will do everything I can to assist and facilitate such efforts.

By overwhelmingly supporting the recent bond initiative that included funds for improvements to the Cotton Bowl, the people of Dallas made clear that the stadium is important to the City and should be improved, rather than destroyed. I agree, and as mayor, I will stand beside -- not in front of -- those who are working so hard to renew the Cotton Bowl as part of an overall effort to invigorate Fair Park."

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Robert Wilonsky
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