DART Strikes Back

Last December I wrote about Todd Lyon, a 48-year-old guy with long hair who got beat up by Dallas Area Rapid Transit cops for jaywalking in the West End. Apparently on St. Patrick's Day the DART cops spotted him back in the West End and beat him up again. He tells me this time they taunted him for "telling the Observer all those lies." Today his attorney, Jay Lucas, told me he had been contacted by the FBI: They want to interview Lyon next Monday as part of a larger investigation of abuses by DART police.

I don't have confirmation yet from the FBI (they probably won't talk) or DART (they won't want to talk, but I will make them), but I'm working on this for next week's column. Lyon told me one thing I found interesting: He said the DART cops who arrested him went through his wallet, found my business card and confiscated it. I don't know if there's any connection, but I've been getting hang-up calls with a lot of doo-doo words and squealing and giggling. Hmmm? You know who you are, you big police officers! --Jim Schutze

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