Dallas Area Rapid Transit
DART Wants to Know How You Feel About those Downtown "Corridor Alternatives"

DART Wants to Know How You Feel About those Downtown "Corridor Alternatives"

Dallas Area Rapid Transit today extends the invite to find out how that Downtown Dallas Transit Study's a-comin'. Right, forgot -- what Downtown Dallas Transit Study? This one: "a comprehensive, multi-modal (i.e. buses, streetcar, street-running and subway-running light rail, etc.) transit study of downtown Dallas, which includes an environmental impact statement element." It's also known as the D2 Study -- though I always did like C-3PO better.

There are two public meetings forthcoming, both on April 24. The first one takes place at noon in the DART Headquarters Board Room at 1401 Pacific Ave.; the second takes place at 6:30 p.m. at the same location. Says the invite: "DART staff will discuss the project timeline and unveil a short list of corridor alternatives for major transit improvements. Anyone attending will have an opportunity for official public input to help define issues and concerns addressed by the study." --Robert Wilonsky

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