Dawn Rizos Did Get Her Money Back From Newt Gingrich. No, It Wasn't 5,000 Singles.

Michael Precker, who rather famously swapped a gig at The Dallas News for one at The Lodge, sends word the Dawn Rizos-Newt Gingrich saga has reached its conclusion: Newt's people returned the $5,000 check (along with a check "for the value of two nonrefundable plane tickets" to D.C.), and she's going to spend the dough on a heated and air-conditioned shelter for rescued animals. "They're mostly pit bulls," says Precker, who notes that the shelter will actually be built for Animal Guardians of America up in Celina.

Oh. And the shelter has a name: Newt's Nook.

Course, that's the sign on the left. And it'll be on MSNBC tonight, when Rizos is scheduled to make a second appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show. Kent Jones, a former writer for The Daily Show, was in town yesterday for the Get Motivated! wingding in Fort Worth and figured he'd stop by for a follow-up. As for how quickly Gingrich's people returned the check, turns out it was right away: Says Precker, "They couldn't wash their hands of us fast enough."

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