The Children's Center in Plano.
The Children's Center in Plano.
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Plano Daycare Worker Caught on Video Tossing Child Turns Herself In

Jazmine Torres, infamously seen in a Facebook video showing her tossing a child to the ground, at a Plano daycare center, turned herself in to Plano police Tuesday afternoon. She's charged with felony child endangerment. Her bail is $10,000.

Sunday morning, the mother of child in Torres' care at the Children's Courtyard daycare posted a video from the facilities live video feed. The clip shows Torres flinging a child to the ground before covering him with a blanket and a going on with her workday. The child, according to Plano police, has no reported injuries.

Children's Courtyard said in a statement that it's fired Torres and another employee. “Upon being made aware of this situation, we immediately notified the authorities and partnered with the state as well as conducted our own investigation. Those involved are no longer employed with us,” Children’s Courtyard said.

According to the state of Texas, inspectors have found 29 violations of the state's licensing standards at the facility over the past two years. Nine of those violations, according to the state, are considered "high-risk."

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