Days After Discovering "Wasteland" Along White Rock Creek, the Sunday-Afternoon Clean-Up

As promised, photographer Carissa Byers and many others spent yesterday afternoon cleaning up the trash wasteland Dylan Hollingsworth discovered along White Rock Creek last week. KXAS-Channel 5 documented their doings -- and interviewed the photographer for the story without ever ID'ing her. So I asked Carissa for her account of the clean-up.

She writes:

It went great! We picked up 60+ bags of trash and hauled them to a recycle bin and trash bin. Remarkably, 90 percent of what we pulled out was recyclable. About 20 people showed up, and everyone went straight to work. We picked up everything we could pick up. A lot of it was too far out into the water for us to tackle that day without different supplies. We put in two kayaks and got what we could with those. Someone joked that, regarding the water, we had gotten to the "Styrofoamic Level." Which was really true. Using sticks and rakes and "the grabber," we were able to get a whole layer of the plastic bottles, sports balls, one plastic beaver and a hypodermic needle. Although everyone was a little disappointed that we weren't going to be able to wipe the whole thing clean, I think it was a 100 percent success. We wiped clean everything we could touch.

Carissa just posted an item to her blog with more details -- and a few thank-yous. And she's got quite the impressive before-and-after slide show. On the other side, matter of fact, you'll find an "after." Damned impressive.

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