DCPA Getting a Jump on Things

The Dallas Center for the Performing Arts isn't scheduled to open for another two years -- which isn't stopping folks there from announcing in two weeks what they're calling a "special pre-opening series." Says a media tease, the September 25 public event at the Meyerson Symphony Center will announce "a partnership that brings nationally acclaimed programs to Texas for the first time," though DCPA officials decline to say just yet what those programs are.

And they aren't releasing the full guest list, which will include Mayor Pro Tem Elba Garcia; Bill Lively, president and CEO of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts; Howard Hallam, chairman of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Board of Directors; and unnamed special guests, which the releases says will include "a representative of one of the world’s largest non-profit educational organizations, and a ground-breaking scientist, writer and filmmaker." Please, don't tell me the latter is Michael Crichton. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Maria May, manager of DCPA's media relations department, sends this note: "Michael Crichton was an interesting guess, but it's not him. Keep trying..." Anyone else got any ideas?

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