NASCAR, Texas Motor Speedway and Endless Left Turns

Dear Rabid, Irrational P1s: Looks Like You've Got Company

In its 15-year history, I'll betcha a nickel no one this side of The Pigskin Poet has written more positive words about The Ticket than me. And, still today, when the station has boffo ratings or cool events, I won't shy away from tooting its triumphant horn.

So when Ticket groupies try to pigeon hole me as Public Enemy No. 1, I find it amusing. Even entertaining.

It's the NASCAR fans that have the legit beef with me. (I admit, I only notice the sport when I get to trek into Texas Motor Speedway's infield or when there's a colossal wreck like last weekend.) And looks like a loose lug nut named Jeff Meyer is championing their cause.

In a post at his redneck racin' site, Meyer takes umbrage with my recent Dallas Observer column claiming revealing that NASCAR drivers aren't athletes any more than sitting is athletic. (Read Meyer's entire missive and you'll learn that he's merely resuming a creepy stalking of me that started back in 2004. Yikes.)

"obscure journalist." Um, obviously not.

"the only wit he does possess is in his name." Heard it.

"idiot." Guilty.

"still obsessed with the bounty of naked women at NASCAR." Double guilty.

"ignorant ass." Maybe, but you're missing the point.

As Pulp Fiction's Jules Winnfield so eloquently said, "Well, allow me to retort" ...


Was gonna go with George Costanza's "jerk store" as my zinger, but unfortunately there's no need for shit-slinging. No name-calling. No pointing out that NASCAR is the world's only sport where the spectators are infinitely more interesting than the participants.

Nope. I'll just fire back with this simple one-and-done:

Mr. Meyer, when you wake up each morning, take a good look in the mirror and realize that your life's work is watching other people drive cars.


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Richie Whitt
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