Debate It, Then Rate It

In case you couldn't make it to the East Dallas Christian Church last night for the Dallas Homeowners League-sponsored debate over the $1.2-billion Trinity River toll road, our Friend (and yours -- admit it) Avi Adelman has posted the opening statements from TrinityVote's Angela Hunt and Trinity Commons Foundation's Craig Holcomb. They're after the jump.

And we assume Avi also wants us to pimp the Belmont Neighborhood Association's Trinity toll road debate tonight at Vickery Towers, at the crossroads of Belmont Ave. and Greenville Ave. Hunt and Holcomb will also be there, and "we will have better food at our debate event tonite," Avi writes; guy's always making friends. --Robert Wilonsky

Angela Hunt, the floor is yours...

Craig Holcomb, what do you have to say to that?

Air Supply, what say you?


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