Deep Ellum is Self-Destructing

Speaking of Deep Ellum -- well, Grimes was down below, and KUT-FM down in Austin called this a.m. with questions for a whatever-happened-to special they're doing on the neighborhood -- our pals at the Pawn Gallery this afternoon shot us a link to the Save Deep Ellum site. There, we find word that the former home of Honest Joe's Pawn Shop, across Elm Street from the site of my grandfather's long-departed auto parts store, is a shadow of a shadow of its former self.

Seems like the recent storms have started to finish what years of willful inattention set in motion: Says the site, "It appears to my untrained eye that the drains were probably clogged on the flat roof, collecting thousands of pounds of water." Which led to the rumble and crumble of bricks that now lie scattered on the sidewalk. (There was a piece about this on KDFW-Channel 11 on Sunday, I think it was, only they never mentioned what or where this was -- genius.) Alas, it's noted upon said site: "No one seems to give a fiddley shit, so I guess bring on the fucking bulldozers." Apparently, there's no need. Not no more. --Robert Wilonsky

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