Deep Ellum's "Home Movie" Maker Revealed

So, turns out it was Dave Walbert who posted to YouTube all those Deep cuts last week; so said Jeff Liles, and so confirmed Walbert when reached in Austin by Unfair Park. Turns out, yeah, he shot all those now-broken-up bands at all those now-shut-down clubs years back, just because he knew the bands and because "it was fun to do -- they were like home movies." And since he began posting the clips a few days ago, he's heard from plenty of old friends who want to know how much more he's got stashed in the garage.

Not a lot, turns out: "Jeff probably has more than I do," Walbert says. "And most of what I posted is some of the better stuff. I have a few boxes left, but I didn't label stuff, and I don't know what I have -- or had, since VHS tapes used to be expensive and I taped over a lot of old shit." Be warned, though, Peter Schmidt: Walbert, who's managed the Star Bar in Austin for the past 15 years, thinks he might have Three on a Hill playing the Arcadia. Till we see that, here's something Liles posted to YouTube last night: Tripping Daisy's first show at Trees, which woulda been, what, 1991? '92? Long time ago, regardless. --Robert Wilonsky

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