Defense Contractor Says Fired Worker Waited Too Long to File Whistleblower Suit

Back on March 22 we told you about Michael Riddle, the former senior employment manager at defense contractor DynCorp International's Fort Worth outpost who claimed in court docs he was fired last September for being a whistleblower. Specifically, Riddle alleged in Dallas federal court papers that DynCorp took millions from the State Department to create "a list of ready, willing and able Americans with prior law enforcement backgrounds" who could be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan, among other trouble spots. Riddle claimed, though, that no such database ever existed -- and that DynCorp officials had no intention of creating one, to the point where, he says, he was told to make one up when the feds started snooping around.

It took more than two months for DynCorp to file its response; it even asked for an extension in early May. But, finally, it has an answer to Riddle's complaint, which is, simply: Why, he's no whistleblower at all, but, instead, just a disgruntled ex-employee retaliating against his former employer for firing him for "performance deficiencies" -- the sole reason offered for Riddle's termination in September. DynCorp's Dallas attorney also filed at week's end a motion to dismiss. Reason: He waited too long to file his whistleblower suit -- which, says here, "is one of the favorite defenses in whistleblower cases." All the relevant courthouse docs follow.

DynCorps' Motion to Dismiss
DynCorps' Motion to Dismiss Supporting Memo
DynCorps' Answer to Original Complaint

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