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Details Set for Frankie 45 Memorial Show

Pete's asked me to share with the Friends of Unfair Park a link to the rundown for Thursday night's show at Club Dada, a memorial for Frankie Campagna, who died early New Year's Day. I'm happy to oblige -- not only because I'd known Frankie 45 since he was a little boy, no older than my own son is now, but because our music editor helped assemble the impressive bill. I've known and admired Frankie's father, muralist and gallery owner Frank Campagna, for years, but Pete got to be close friends with Frankie, both in his roles as frontman for Spector 45 and as bartender at Dada and and the Amsterdam Bar.

There's no cover for the show, but a $10 donation to the Deep Ellum Community Association would be greatly appreciated, per Frank's wishes. Doors open 7; bands go on beginning at 8. And it should be a packed house, if Saturday night's wake at Kettle Art was any indication. When I arrived at 7, there were some 30, 40 mourners in Frank's gallery, each silently waiting his or her turn to sign the memorial book; 20 minutes later the crowd had spilled out onto the frigid sidewalk, and as the night grew later, and colder, more and more and still more showed up to pay their respects -- and to give Frank and daughter Amber a hug.

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Robert Wilonsky
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