Dickey's Is Getting the Nation to Eat Its Meat

Of course you know what goes real good with real Dr Pepper, more or less speaking of -- barbecue. Which brings us to this piece from QSR Magazine this morning: "Dickey's Barbecue Pit Expands Across the Nation." It's been a long time coming: Back in October '07 we pointed out that Roland Dickey -- husband of Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey -- was plotting the eatery's expansion with the hopes of opening no fewer than 60 new outposts by 2012. Says QSR, it didn't take nearly that long: "Dickey's is opening its doors coast to coast with 113 locations now open with 56 more in development."

Roland says he knows why: "Low price point comfort food" sells well in a crap economy. Hence, he insists, the rise in franchise applications:

"Our progress is surprising to a lot of folks, but it makes sense to us," Dickey says. "People want to get out of the rat race and own their own business. In turn, these new stores are employing lots of people who otherwise would still be looking for jobs."

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