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Dirty Dining

While it may sound like a racy bowl of chili, Devil’s Bowl is instead a nasty tub of dirt where modifieds, late models, super sprints and street stock cars get sideways in the turns and throw up pinwheels of North Texas clay every Saturday night. A super sprint flipped and crushed its gangly headgear, prompting an announcer to jab “that’s got to hurt … in the billfold,” or some such. You could make crème brulee off the USA modified’s exhaust pipe flames.

But what’s most important about Devil’s Bowl is the cuisine. BBQ beef, haunted by Heinz, comes in a hot foil pouch on bun that looks and tastes like it came off a printing press -- sweet and tangy with a messy chipped beef demeanor and all for $2.50. Or try the nachos: nicely rounded tortilla chips with spurts of hot imitation Velveeta and all the jalapeños you can tong from a plastic jug -- $2.25. For desert, we enjoyed some pulverized rubber hose and exploded suspension parts topped with North Texas Clay sprinkles courtesy of the modified wreck in front the grandstands.

Johnny Palpot Jr., a beefy fellow who defies the laws of particle physics (those street stock cockpits are tiny), won the street stock event. We forget who won the other divisions on account of the $3 beers. Watch for upcoming reviews of Devil’s Bowl beef ‘n' bean burritos, tacos and hot dogs. --Mark Stuertz

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.