Nicke Mitchell
Mike Haskins' photo of the Nervebreakers has found its way to an enormous collection of Dallas music memorabilia.

Do Not Read This Post Unless You Have Three Days to Kill, Seriously

I am posting this at the end of the day because, well, you'll need to clear your weekend to properly enjoy the mounds of photos, fliers, advertisements, magazine covers and other pop-rock memorabilia posted over the last few days by someone with the handle "Trinity River Music." And, see, that's in addition to nearly 3,000 other items that have been finding their way on TRM's Flickr photostream -- items that fall under such headings as "Big D / Clubs, Auditoriums, Concert Halls, etc.," "Big D / Posters, Cards, Ads, Flyers, etc.," and "Big D / 70s - 80s." The latest batch of offerings includes everything from an old ad for Dave's Pawn Shop on Elm Street to 30-year-old pics of the Nervebreakers playing Sound Warehouse to this pic of Tex & the Saddletramps from '81.

Turns out Trinity River Music's real handle is William Williams, who's got a street address in San Fran -- and most of his stuff is culled from other Flickr sites, which would make TRM's photostream a sort of visual aggregator. Former Nervrebreaker Mike Haskins tells Unfair Park today that Williams reached out to him earlier this week and asked if he could re-post Haskins' recently uploaded memories to his photostream.

"And I gave him my blessing," Haskins says. (He also notes that, no shit, the Nervebreakers are actually working on a new disc.) Which means, till Dallas gets a proper music museum, this'll do just fine, thanks. --Robert Wilonsky

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