Do the 'Do

Planning is just not something I do a whole lot of. I woke up last Saturday morning and decided that a haircut was in order, and that Saturday was as good a day as any to chop off nine inches of hair. I'd been inspired by Sex and the City, which, thanks to the wonders of syndication, is always on some channel, somewhere, at any given hour of the day. And because I am a woman, I can always use my vag-dar to find an episode. Recently, the 'dar pointed me to an installment from Season Five, in which Carrie has a badass bob cut that I determined needed to be on my head, stat.

When I called Salon Pompeo around 11 a.m. to set up my appointment, I didn't know they'd been featured on Sheer Dallas. I didn't know owner Deanna DiPizio had been in business for 11 years. I didn't even really know where they were located (McKinney at Hall, turns out). All I knew was that they gave our calendar section co-editor Merritt Martin a doozy of a haircut when her regular stylist jumped ship. They had room for me at 2:30 p.m., and I allowed my trusty vag-dar to guide me into the loving care of Robert, a no-nonsense, loafers-sans-socks-wearing genius with scissors. A mere hour later, I was staring into a mirror, mouth a-hangin' open, at an exact re-creation of SJP's cut from the hastily printed photo I brought in.

At $65, it wasn't the cheapest haircut I've ever gotten (that one happened with a pair of office scissors, a hand mirror and a dorm bathroom back in college), but for a stylist who can actually do exactly what I ask, it's more than reasonable. And hey, Robert, maybe start thinking about hooking me up with commissions now that I've touted your skills in a very public forum. I'll be needing the extra cash if you're going to keep doing my hair. --Andrea Grimes

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