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Do You Dare Fish the Trinity?

When Jim's not designing Dallas Area Rapid Transit light-rail routes through downtown or lunching with John Wiley Price, he can be found most days fishing from the banks of the Trinity River; he's easy to spot, as his tin-foil cap is quite reflective on a sunny day. Hence, his enthusiasm for this event on November 6: the Trinity Commons Foundation's 2009 Carpe Diem Classic Fishing Tournament and Fun River Paddle. Entry fees ain't cheap: It'll run you $200 to fish alone, and $350 with a boat full of teammates. Per the press release from City Hall, a few tips:

  • The most successful teams were those that went after catfish with "home made - secret recipe" bait.
  • Channel Cats and Blue Cats are abundant in the Trinity. Bass, Crappie, and Spotted Gar have been caught as well!
  • So "Ferris Bueller" it and take a day off to enjoy our great waterway thru the Trinity River Forest and the future Calatrava Bridge!
Caps and shirts are included with the entry fee, but Jim's got the cap covered. He also doesn't need the T-shirt -- he'll be wearing this one.

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Robert Wilonsky
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