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Do You Like Music? I Like Music.

Anyone inside the Gypsy Tea Room last night would never have suspected Deep Ellum is hurtin' for cover-paying peeps. A bill of Celebration and TV on the Radio begged for a packed house, and fans responded in kind. Now, both are national acts, to be fair, but nevertheless, looking back from our perfectly staked-out spot for openers-but-shoulda-been-headliners Celebration, the view of the crowd was exciting and surprising. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who felt that way. In the tightly packed space a fellow sardine uttered, "Wow, I didn't know this many people liked music."

Both sets (with members from both bands guesting with one another on select songs) certainly rewarded patrons for their trip downtown, but Celebration was the show-stealer with a set that could be described as motivating. Those that don't dance danced. Those that don't unfold their arms pulled out a few fist pumps. Sweat was shed. Amid myriad comments of "Those guys kicked ass" and "I was so impressed," one really captured the intensity of Celebration's performance: "Short of the death of an immediate family member, there's nothing that couldn't have waited until the end of that show." That's what happens when you like music. --Merritt Martin

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