Haven't gotten your free tickets to tonight's Dallas Observer Music Awards? You still have a few hours to pick some up from Tower Records or Good Records. Doors at the Granada Theater open to the public at 7:30 p.m.--you'd be wise to arrive well before the scheduled start time of 8 p.m., as parking and lines tend to be sore issues on awards night. I'll be on stage making an ass out of myself, as will show MCs Pugs & Kelly (you know, from that radio station that never plays music? Perfect fit for the DOMAs). Our ol' buddy Joe Avezzano from the Cowboys' '90s glory days will be among the presenters (Troy couldn't make it--he's too busy hawking Ford trucks, HDTVs and chicken wings), and at some point, break dancers will run on stage and start shaking their shit. No, really--Diverse Souls, a local troupe who made a fine impression at the most recent Who's Got The Juice? competition, will be on hand at the awards.

...Now that the non-music stuff's outta the way, I want to extend, yet again, my warmest invitation to all of you--the daytime blog-readers who might normally skip such an event. I know, we make you jump through a hoop to get your free ticket, but other than that, this show really is an attempt to celebrate the local music scene by giving newcomers an amazing taste of it. I'm really proud of this year's performing line-up--Record Hop, The Theater Fire and the Drams are each at the top of their respective local niches, and then there's the Dallas Hip-Hop All-Stars. I've been planning this particular set for 365 days (just as I've already begun plotting next year's awards), because I believe Dallas is prime for a hip-hop explosion. The five performers who will storm the stage--Steve Austin, Money Waters, Headkrack, Pikahsso and Tahiti--each exemplify a different element of the local scene, and I'm excited to see that all-star quintet rock five mics at once. You should be too. See ya there. -Sam Machkovech

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