Don and Sheila Sitting in a Tree...

Guess it's time to find out where Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill's registered: Several days ago, Unfair Park learned that on July 2, Hill's set to marry...Sheila Farrington. That's right, the "political consultant" who, along with Hill and former Plan Commissioner D'Angelo Lee and Southwest Housing Development Company honcho Brian Potashnik and others, is at the heart of the FBI's investigation into alleged dirty doings at City Hall. The woman who gave Hill the BMW he drives--the one he "earned the right to use," you might recall. According to sources familiar with the impending nuptials, Hill's divorce from wife Vivian was finalized in April, paving the aisle for the mayor pro tem and Farrington.

Now, we could never independently confirm it--Hill never called us back last week, and there is no document in Dallas County confirming the Hills' divorce. But on Friday night Hill confirmed it to Dallas Morning News City Hall reporter Emily Ramshaw, which is good enough for us--though if the story made the paper, we can't find a hint of it. This comes from Gromer Jeffers courtesy the city columnists' Bold Types blog, which is apparently where Dallas' Only Daily reports stories it doesn't really want to touch. As Jeffers reports, "Over the past year the couple has been spotted all over town, usually kissing, cuddling or holding hands." Why, precisely, didn't we know that before Friday? Maybe because, as Jeffers writes in a later item, "I've covered Don Hill for the most of the five years I've been in Dallas. And Sheila is my home girl from Chicago." Ah, it's true love. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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