Don't Get Your Pants In a Wad

Since the ol' AFI's officially under way now, here's the first in what's likely to at least feel like a never-ending parade of trailers of films screening at the cinematic smorgasbord running till April Fool's. First up, the hometown favorite: Amy Talkington's The Night of the White Pants, filmed all over town (well, Swiss Ave. and Expo Park, mostly) and starring the likes of Tom Wilkinson, Nick Stahl, Selma Blair and a bunch of other folks. Music's good too: Peter Schmidt and His Gentlemen Scholars, Earl Harvin Trio, Riverboat Gamblers and most anyone else hustling a gig in the 214 tonight.

As we've noted before, this is one of the AFI's hotter tix; probably should have been the opening-night selection, all things considered. Nonetheless, it places a close second: The movie screens tomorrow night at 9:30 at the Angelika. And if you wanna see it, show up early, hop in the cash-money line and hope your $8.50 is good enough for a seat. And if not, well, it does open at the Angelika in, like, a couple of weeks. Till then, here's the trailer. --Robert Wilonsky

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