D'ough! Putting a Price Tag on the 30th.

Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson raised $548,514 to run for re-election and won with 75.76 percent of the vote, which was not up to her standard snuff. In 2006, the 17-year veteran raised only $411,189 but won with 80.19 percent. Of course, that was before scholar-gyp.

Johnson was surpassed in fund-raising this year by her T-GOP opponent Stephen Broden. He pulled in $604,951, beating her by more than 50 grand. EBJ raised only $226,418 from individuals, the rest from PACs. Broden raised $563,217 from individuals, more than twice her tally.

The other way to look at it is this. In 2006 the Republican in the 30th District, Wilson Aurbach, raised $73,614 and pulled down 17,850 votes, a rate of $4.12 a vote. Broden's tally of 24,599 votes cost him about 25 bucks per vote.

As a seasoned political analyst, my conclusion is that Broden would have been better off giving that money to his grandchildren.

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