Down in Waco Last Week, Creationists and Texas AG's Office Played a Little Catch-Up

Couldn't help myself -- just had to get on PACER for a status update on the Institute for Creation Research's lawsuit against the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. No doubt you recall the reason for the litigation filed in April in Dallas federal court: The Royal Lane-based ICR claims the THECB violated its constitutional rights when it refused to grant the its request to dole out master's degrees in science, to which the THECB's responded with its own no-we-dint. Turns out, there's not only an update but a nifty summary for those just now catching up with the litigation.

It's after the jump, natch, but in short, it turns out ICR reps met with folks from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's office last week down in Waco, where they hashed out a joint status report -- awful nice of 'em. (Hope they met at Kitok's. Or the Elite Circle Grill.) Amended pleadings are due by the end of this month; a four-day trial's been tentatively set for November 2010. Already wrote down both dates in the datebook. So, where we at, people?

Joint Status Update in Institute for Creation Research Suit

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