Downtown Dallas, in Pewter

A Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to Boing Boing, which yesterday pointed out that you can buy a replica of the Texas School Book Depository made of pewter courtesy something called InFocusTech. (Which prompted this comment: "It's a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, and handsomely electroplated in antique pewter.") Turns out, though, that isn't the only local landmark available. Far from it. You can also get the Adolphus, the Merc, Old Red, Reunion Tower, the Kirby Building, the Magnolia Hotel and Fountain Place, among others. Sadly, there's still very little retail.

But this reminds me: This morning something called Second Act ran a piece about how folks are moving from the suburbs back into the city, and it includes a local couple who adiosed Frisco for downtown Dallas:

Kandice Bridges and her husband moved back to Dallas with their two children after spending two and a half years in suburban Frisco, Texas because "it didn't feel cozy, like our established, older Dallas neighborhood," she says. "I know my neighbors in my Dallas neighborhood better than I ever knew my neighbors in Frisco. I like the hustle and bustle of downtown, and having the Arts District close by. I take advantage of local organic produce co-ops and the vibrant farmers market downtown."

Bridges acknowledges that there are trade-offs, such as less house for more money and the expense of private school, but says, "I wouldn't want it any other way."

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