DPD Now Says It Will Investigate Weekend Assaults Near Cedar Springs As Hate Crimes

At midnight Saturday, two men were walking along the 2700 block of Throckmorton Street toward Cedar Springs Road when they were attacked by four men wielding baseball bats. The two men had their wallets and a cell phone stolen, according to the police report; one suffered a broken jaw. They both said later they feared for their lives.

Initially, DPD classified the assault as an aggravated robbery. But according to Senior Corporal Kevin Janse moments ago, the department has opted to investigate as hate crime "based on derogatory statements made by the suspects during the commission of the robberies." DPD describes the men who committed the robbery as "four unknown Latin male suspects" seen wearing white tank-tops. From the police report narrative: "The suspects then demanded the complainant's property by stating, 'Give me all of your fucking money, you fucking fags.'"

If and when DPD arrests the four men, they'll be charged with aggravated robbery. And if they're tried and convicted, Janse says, "the DA's office can bring the hate crime into it, which would increase the punishment."

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