DPD Says Operation Triangle's a Hit!

Last month, as you and no doubt Andrea recall, the Dallas Police Department launched its summer-safety initiative: Operation Triangle, so named for its three main goals: reducing property crime, violent crime and public disorder. And, yes, while those are good year-round goals, DPD says there's a "spike" in such activities in the summertime when the weather is high and you got women on your mind and you have a drink and a drive and go out and see what you can find. Wait. Anyway.

Senior Corporal Kevin Janse sends the first round of stats, as well as an invite:

Although the department was already showing a decrease in overall crime throughout the city, the goal of Operation Triangle was to continue that decrease over the summer months when there is often a spike in crime. Below is a brief breakdown of current crime statistics:
  • Violent Crimes went from -2.73% at start of operation to -4.88% today
  • Property Crimes went from -3.57% at start of operation to -5.33% today
  • 47 more public disorder arrests compared to same time last year
Media's also invited to "observe the Vice Unit conduct a prostitution decoy operation" tomorrow later today. Oh, Grimes?

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