Dr Pepper's Ahead of the Advergame!

Jesper Juul of the University of Copenhagen recently published the comprehensive history of the "match-three" game -- a la Bejeweled, Luxor and Chuzzle. Which is apropos of nothing, except this morning Dr Pepper and Dallas-based Imaginuity New Media -- which is actually an online ad agency that handles everything from the Nasher Sculpture Center to the Kim Dawson modeling agency -- introduced yet another match-three game called, imaginuitively enough, Matchcaps! (You can play now, if you like.)

Alas, this one's supposed to be super-special: You can play it on your iPhone in the phone's Safari browser, without the need to install third-party software that won't even be available till February anyway. Says the media release dispensed this a.m.: It's "the first-ever advergame designed specifically for the iPhone Safari browser." Amazing, but till now I've been so resistant to cross promotion, product integration and adverlingus. But when it tastes like Dr Pepper...? --Robert Wilonsky

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