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Dream Weaver: City Bringing In "The Man Who Built Vancouver" to Talk West Dallas

Speaking of the Trinity River Corridor Project ... When last we saw Larry Beasley, "the man who built Vancouver," he was among a handful of urban planners imported to teach the Dallas City Council a thing or three during a daylong gab session at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in January. Apparently, the city liked what it heard from Beasley, because he's coming back August 29 to "facilitate a day-long dreaming session focused on the community at the western foot of the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge." So says Assistant City Manager Jill Jordan in a memo to the Trinity River Corridor Committee, which meets this morning. Writes Jordan:

Mr. Beasley will assist key stakeholders in the vicinity to envision the possibilities as this area redevelops and have a neighborhood dialogue about opportunities for this community.

Mr. Beasley is the former planning director of Vancouver, Canada and current special adviser to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He played a large role in an urban design and planning session held for City Council last year at the Central Library, and has vast experience with inner city revitalization and emphasizing quality urban design and neighborhood amenities to create livable communities.

Beasley will be dream-sessioning from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on August 29, at the St. Mary of Carmel Community Center at 2900 Vilbig Road. Oh, and the committee today will also hear about how the city plans to spend $2.8 million in FY2009-2010 budget money on new equipment to better tend to the unacceptable levees -- equipment that'll be used for maintenance, mowing and ... "tree removal adjacent to levee." Sonofa ... I think I buried the lead.

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