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Drew Barrymore Whips It

Drew Barrymore was an hour late for our interview this morning to talk Whip It, and couldn't have been more apologetic; she got waylaid by "studio business," hence our stunningly in-depth 10-minute chat, ah well. But judging by a comment posted to our heads-up about Barrymore's appearance at Urban Outfitters last night, things didn't go too terribly well there either: "I have such a bad taste in my mouth after today that I don't even care about the movie anymore...and get this...I am a DERBY GIRL!"

Our Rachel Parker was there with her camera, and reports that, yeah, it was a bit of a cluster: "The security people wouldn't let us shoot Drew signing autographs, and I had to get my claws out to get them to even let me shoot Drew with the derby girls." But she got enough photos, including one of Barrymore with the Dallas Derby Devils (and one with Gordon Keith, be still my beating heart!), to merit a jump, so why don't you?

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