Drink Up, Dallas

The June issue of Esquire, sporting the most uncomfortable photo ever taken of Tom Hanks on its cover, contains a "Best Bars in America" special section. Pretty much every major city in America (and minor--s'up, Hurley, Wisconsin) gets its entry, and there's Dallas on page 112 with...the Inwood Lounge? Says here:

"A martini lounge in a 1947 movie house, the Inwood smells like gin, smoke, and warmed-up celluloid. And fresh popcorn. And although the key-shaped bar is the most inviting in the city, the best place to drink is at one of the tables next to the silent curtain of water falling down the wall."

Hey, I love the place--have for almost 20 years, during most of which I was actually legal to drink. And its recent spiffing-up, as part of the Inwood's overhaul, only makes it that much nicer; it was getting a little...dank, and not in a good way. It's still a Top 10'er, no question. But is it really the best bar in the city, much less one of the best in the country? What about the Windmill, Medici, the Balcony Club, the Double Wide, the Old Monk, the Gingerman, the Slip Inn, the Grapevine, Lee Harvey's, Bar Belmont...or...? They're all contenders. How about you fill in the blanks? Comments are welcome; tips too. --Robert Wilonsky

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