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Drowning Pool Gives One Back to the "Soldiers"

Remember the Dallas band Drowning Pool? Tragic story, absolutely. Well, they have a new album, Full Circle, due out on July 24, the first single from which is titled “Soldiers" -- payback, turns out.

As you may recall, members of the U.S. armed forces in the Middle East took to playing the Drowning Pool song “Bodies” -- as in, "Let the bodies hit the floor” -- before flying sorties over Iraq. Inspired by this fact, D.P. wrote “Soldiers,” intended as a “heartfelt tribute that urges the public to support our troops, even if they don’t agree with the war,” according to accompanying press materials.

The song won’t be available to the radio-listening public till July 3, but the band has made it accessible to the military (and you, looks like) right here or here. The band also intends to petition Congress to improve its support of soldiers who have returned home but are not receiving proper medical and psychological care. Indeed, the band's media kit includes a packet of info about the medical challenges faced by returning soldiers, and much of its MySpace page and media appearances focus on the same subject, not on band's new album. Which is kinda cool. --Jonanna Widner

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