Duncan the Question

So I'm wondering out loud here. Larry Duncan? Could he be viable for mayor?

The Dallas Morning News is touting its usual suspects list of people it considers viable mayoral candidates in Dallas, like the famous Phil Ritter, a governmental relations person for Texas Instruments. He may be a great guy, but my dog, Otto, has better name recognition. At least he does when I'm the one calling him.

So I talked to somebody yesterday who brought up Duncan, a four-term member of the council who was term-limited out in 1999. He's a white guy from southern Dallas, whom Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price used to call "the best black representative on the council." Hey, look, I'm not pimping for him. I'm wondering. I have a column in today's Dallas Observer bemoaning the prospect of a bunch of old rich white guys from the Citizens Council as our only choices to replace Laura Miller, who isn't going to run again. Well, there are a couple of old rich black guys from the Citizens Council, too, but what's the difference? Don Hill's a convicted wife-ditcher, so he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Dallas.

Duncan has a hell of a resume in terms of getting things done on the ground for his constituency. Everybody wants to "bridge the racial divide." Hey, Duncan built the bridge already. You can go look at it in Joppe. I don't know if he could raise a nickel to run. But if Phil Ritter's viable, why isn't Duncan? I got in touch with him yesterday to ask if he's considering it. He declined to comment on the record but said he's "weighing all of my options." What does that sound like? I say put him on the damn list and leave it up to him to wriggle off. In politics, people should be considered guilty until they escape. --Jim Schutze

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.