Easy, Breezy Family Cooking For Your Passel of Jerks

Why bother with an hour and a half in the kitchen when your spouse is just going to come home and complain about how the throw blanket in the living room isn't folded properly? Who cares about a quality spread created with time and love when the kids are just going to shovel four spoonfuls of poulet des parents in their mouths, text sixty friends, and disappear upstairs to that 36-inch TV you bought them last Christmas because Katie's parents bought her one?

No, what you need is former Martha Stewart cooking partner Sara Foster, author of Casual Cooking, a recipe tome for "time-challenged families," according to a press release sent to Unfair Park. Foster will be at the Mockingbird Lane Kroger (now merely the second-best grocery store in town after my recent discovery of the Ross Avenue Fiesta) tomorrow to do some cooking demos, sign copies of the book and give you tips on how to make tasty food for your family with a minimal amount of time and energy. She's pairing up with Irving-based Mission Tortillas to cook up some new dishes, like tuna tacos and chickpea quesadillas.

Stop by between noon and 1 p.m. to tell Foster how much you appreciate her efforts to reduce your overall effort. Not like those jerks ever appreciate anything you do, anyway. --Andrea Grimes

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.