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Emmitt Finds New Cowboys QB

You know, we thought Emmitt Smith being on Dancing with the Stars was gonna be humiliating. Wow, were we so wrong.

I am sure there's other Dallas Cowboys news to discuss this a.m., though, for the life of me, I can't think of what that might be at present; something about Terrell Owens being awesome, no doubt, a catcher of passes and leader of men. Ah, well. Till it comes to me, via an e-mail from Richie, here's something considerably less vital to national interest: Emmitt Smith is in the real estate biz with a dance partner named Roger Staubach. Guess it was either that or go in the car-selling business with Troy Aikman or dope distribution with Nate Newton.

Says in The Arizona Republic this morning that Smith was at City Hall in Phoenix Thursday to meet with the city's Development Services Department to chat up a retail project he's got in the works there. The paper reports that the proposed 237,738-square-foot retail center is "a joint venture between Smith and Cypress Equities, an affiliate of former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach's real estate company." So why Phoenix? Well, says the former Arizona Cardinal, "I've always loved Phoenix." Yeah, well, Phoenix did a lot for his career. Sure.

In other Emmitt-related news that so isn't news, Smith and his dancing partner Cheryl Burke are one elimination away from making the finals on Dancing with the Stars. It's like January 2, 1994, all over again, isn't it? --Robert Wilonsky

Update: A real-estate developing, Hebrew-school attending very old Friend of Unfair Park sends this missive by way of illumination: "Actually, Aikman is in the real estate business partnering with Direct Development. Just wanted to make sure you had all of your facts." If I knew what a "fact" was, bubba, I'd be much obliged.

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