En Guard, Castleguard

Fortune writer Julie Schlosser writes this week about getting spammed via her cell phone, courtesy an unidentified e-mailer who offered her the promise of big riches: "Castleguard Energy (OTC: MOAT) strikes BLACK GOLD in Wyoming. Watch the share price double, triple, more? Exxon, watch out!" Turns out, Castleguard's a publicly traded company based right here -- in Addison, matter of fact, where one guy, 59-year-old Harvey Jury, seems to be running the joint all by his lonesome. (He's listed as chief executive officers, president, chief financial officer, secretary and treasurer.)

Schlosser, who goes on to write about the proliferation of cell-phone spammers, says she never heard back from Jury about the oil strike in Wyoming or the phony e-mail. But if you're feeling the need to get fake rich, feel free to call Jury yerself at 214-647-2110. One word of warning: Its shares are worth a whopping nickel, down two cents from when Schlosser posted her intial story four days ago. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Our very own Mark Stuertz reports that he used to work for Harvey Jury, about a decade ago. "He had a magazine called Dallas Food & Wine Journal," Mark writes. "Two issues published. Think I still have both copies. The guy was a PR guy for oil drilling equipment companies. Somehow he got into food & wine."

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Robert Wilonsky
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