Imam Safdar Razi Ali

Even the Jews Want to Know Why the Feds are Detaining Local Imam

According to the Austin American-Statesman, a Jewish leader in Austin has joined the call for answers in the Safdar Razi Ali case. Of course, as the Friends of Unfair Park know, Ali, a prominent Muslim cleric who worked with interfaith groups in Austin and Dallas, is being held in government custody, where he is subjected to hours of questioning and non-halal food.

Ali’s lawyer and family have little idea as to why he was detained, especially since he was eligible for asylum status. Jan Soifer of the Jewish Community Association of Austin penned the following to Congressman and Senators regarding Ali:

“We are very concerned about Imam Razi, and while we do not know the details of his case, we hope that you will determine whether Imam Razi’s detention is warranted, and if not, that you will take action to secure his release as soon as possible. We are also very concerned about Imam Razi’s alleged treatment in detention, and particularly about the allegations that Imam Razi is not being provided with food which he can eat according to his religious tenets.”

Ali’s immigration hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday. --Naomi Zeveloff


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