Ever Wanted to Work In -- And, Like, Co-Own -- A Very Happenin' Coffee Shop?

When we stumbled across this real-estate offering, we just had to know: Just which "Modern, Urban Coffeehouse In Downtown Dallas" with a "Gorgeous Atmosphere" is for sale? And for the low, low price of $110,000 too -- despite the promise of annual revenue of $215,141. (Hmmm, anyone interested in going halvsies?)

Well, we can't really tell you which coffeehouse is brewing on the marketplace, because the Farmers Branch-based realtor handling the sale won't tell us: "I'm not supposed to reveal that without a confidentiality agreement," says the dude who took our call. He did tell us one thing: "It's downtown." No, really, officer?

But this excerpt from the ad does make us curious: "The Business Itself Has Attracted Alot Of Media Attention And Has Been Featured In Numerous Publications And Continues To Set The Standard For Coffeehouses In The Metroplex." And tha ... hey, waitaminute. That sounds like ... Yup, it is. Only, owner Pascale Hall tells Unfair Park she is not looking to sell Opening Bell Coffee on South Lamar -- she's actually looking for a partner, if anyone's interested. "A working partner, " she stresses. "If anyone's interested, let me know." She's easy to find. --Robert Wilonsky

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