Exactly One Year After Cole Berardi Was Killed By DPD Car, Council to Settle Family's Claim

Late last week, word came down that the Dallas City Council was close to settling with the family of Cole Berardi, the 10-year-old boy who was killed one year ago after he was struck by a Dallas police car. No doubt you recall the incident, which was captured by the dash-mounted camera inside Sr. Cpl. Michael Vaughn's squad car and shown all over the local news after Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle opted to release the video.

City Attorney Tom Perkins wouldn't officially confirm the amount of the settlement, but the Dallas City Council's agenda for its October 14 meeting does: "not to exceed $250,000," which is the max allowed by state law. Says the agenda item, simply, "Claimants Carrie Ann Inman and Douglas Mariani filed a claim against the City seeking compensation for the wrongful death of their ten-year-old son caused in an automobile accident on October 17, 2008, involving a Dallas Police Department vehicle." The council will be briefed on the settlement, which comes out of current funds, this Wednesday before next week's vote.

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