Expect Delays

Dallas Observer editor Julie Lyons is at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport at this very moment, where Transportation Security Administration and airport officials are briefing the media about increased security following the arrest in England of 21 people suspected of plotting to blow up U.K. flights bound for the United States using liquid explosives and detonators concealed in carry-on luggage. Those holding the briefing are Jimmy Wooten, DFW-TSA's federal security director; Alvy Dodson, who's the airport's vice president of public safety; and Ken Capps, the airport's spokesperson. Reports the boss:

"The airport is swimming with all kinds of extra units: K-9 units, tactical units, bike patrols and 'bomb technicians.' Today, on all the flights bound to the U.K., they're confiscating all liquids and gels--bottles of soda, water, lotion, hair gel, etc.--but beginning tomorrow, they're implementing this on all international and domestic flights. Once you clear security and you're inside the airport's secure area, you can buy bottles of water, but you can't take them on the plane. And, just as there were after September 11, 2001, there will be gate screenings, during which you will have your carry-on bags searched right before boarding the plane. Right now, they're saying there are no delays at security checkpoints longer than 20 minutes, but that will probably change tomorrow."

For more information on prohibited substances, check out the TSA's Web site. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.