Expo Park: Gosh, It Looks Happening!

There's a Web site out of California called TurnHere, which, says here, is all about capturing the "authentic experiences of places and leisure activities in cities and neighborhoods around the world." What's that mean? In short, they get would-be filmmakers to make shorts about the cities in which they live; they're travel vlogs, in other words, or so said The New York Times in June. The folks behind it have backgrounds in real-estate Web site and other 'Net-related endeavors, so it's probably safe to say not only do they want you to visit some of these place but also, ya know, buy some property there.

At the moment, there's just one movie about Dallas on the site--a two-minute clip made by Kevin Nash, Tiffany Kieran and Amanda Howe about Exposition Park. It's real...peppy, and features requisite shots of Bar of Soap, New Amsterdam, minc and other haunts. The clip makes Expo Park look awfully hip--the SoHo of the '70s, says someone, and I'm not really sure what it means. My favorite bit's the interview with "Klaus" of the band Telethon; man, that dude sounds German but sure looks awfully familiar. --Robert Wilonsky

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