Fair Park is the New Baltic Avenue

Beginning today, you can change the face of the Monopoly board game--a lifelong ambition, I know. Hasbro's giving it a makeover with its so-called "Here & Now Edition," which will replace such iconic properties as Boardwalk and Baltic Avenue with modern-day, real-life locations that include one of three Dallas landmarks: Fair Park, the Dallas Arboretum or...Texas Stadium. Yup, apparently Hasbro execs don't keep up with local goings-on, otherwise they would have realized that God's gonna stop watching Cowboys games through the roof come 2008, when Jerry Jones shleps his Pokes west on I-30 for a little Arlington Cowboys action. But that's not stopping online voters across the country from casting their votes for the dilapidated dome: As of the time of this posting, Texas Stadium was way ahead, with some 47 percent of the total votes cast. Fair Park was in second with 33 percent, while the poor ol' Arboretum was sitting at a lowly 19 percent. (Go here for a discussion about the new Monopoly; you'll be amazed at people's vicious reactions to the three selections for all 22 cities included in the makeover; geez, kids, it's just a game.) But fret not: The voting runs through May 12, and you can vote once a day till then. And here's the bonus: The city that receives the most votes for its landmark location will get the coveted blue spot formerly owned by Boardwalk. Makes us proud. --Robert Wilonsky

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