Famous Faces' Local Choices, or: Wherein Kent Rathbun Spills the Bachman Lake Taco Secret

Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal rounded up some bold-faced locals -- including Luke Wilson, who I guess counts -- and asked 'em to pick a few recommendations each for out-of-towners and those natives who don't venture far from their comfort zones. And while the intro's a bit tiresome -- "For years, Dallas has been living down its big-hair-and-big-hats reputation," oy -- Wilson, Neimans CEO Karen Katz, SMU's Meadows School dean José Antonio Bowen and chef Kent Rathbun do offer some nice choices.

Wilson, for instance, likes S&D Oyster Company, among several other familiar eateries on his to-do list. (Luke: You can do better than Mi Cocina. Or Tenure.) Katz says: Check out the White Elephant Antiques Warehouse on IndustrialRiverfront. Bowen steers you to the Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden on Spring Valley. Meanwhile, Rathbun rats out one of the great Northwest Dallas taco secrets: the gas station across the street from Bachman Lake.

Shell Station: Bachman Tacos & Grill. Don't be put off by the fact that this taco stand is located inside a Chevron-station strip. Order the combo taco, one of the city's most scrumptious best buys. 3311 W. Northwest Highway, 214-352-0010

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Robert Wilonsky
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